Sneek Peak~~Chapter 1

“I know you girls have a tumultuous history,” Mama Rose began.  Stealing a husband would do that to any relationship.  “But is it too much to ask for both of you to at least make an effort with each other for your niece and nephew?  After all, you are going to be their stepmum.  Regardless of the circumstances, this wedding is a special time for Mika and you.  It would be wrong if the WHOLE family isn’t there to share it with you, including your sister.  She may choose not to come, but the choice should be hers to make.  It’s the least you can do, considering the damage already done to your relationship.”

“Mama, I really have to go,” Tiresa’s shoulders slumped slightly in defeat.  “I’ll invite her when I’m ready.”  She hoisted her purse onto her shoulder and tosses her perfect, silken hair.  “I suppose there’s nothing wrong with an extra wedding present.  Although knowing how skimpy Bella is, it will probably be a plastic plate from the two dollar shop and not good enough for a dog to eat from.”  With that, Tiresa turned on her heel and dashes out the door without saying goodbye.

Mama Rose looked down at the guest list. Scanning through the hundred plus names, she sees they are written in order of monetary priority: who has the most money and who will give generous wedding gifts at the top, while those who can’t afford much near the bottom.

Surprisingly, there is not just one but two very important names missing from the list: Isabella’s—that was expected—and her own.

With a sigh, she took the list and picked up the phone, dialing her oldest daughter, Flo, to get started on organizing the catering.

She might have missed out with Isabella and created a monster with Tiresa, but she certainly wasn’t going to skimp on giving her three-quarters Samoan blood grandchildren the cultural grounding which their own mother missed.  That included a traditional Pacifica wedding with all the bells and whistles.

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