Sneek Peak~~Chapter 2

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I gently click on “Accept,” unsure as to what will happen when.  A chat window opens:

KnightinShiningArmor77: Hi Saw your photo Nice!

That was fast.  Is he serious?  Is this a joke?  I wonder.  Only one way to find out.

ShyNSweet: Thank you

Another line pops up instantly.

KnightinShiningArmor77: Love your profile looks like we’d have a great time on a date.  I love jazz and the beach the beach is my fav place

Love my profile?  Which parts?  This is a good start.  At least we have a couple things in common.

ShyNSweet: Nothing better than catching waves or listening to Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday

Catching waves?  Why did I type that?  Damn wine.

KnightinShiningArmor77: So how did a gorgeous lady like you end up on a singles site

ShyNSweet: Haven’t met Mr Right  RU him?  JK

That’s gutsy.  Hope it doesn’t scare him off.

KnightinShiningArmor77: lol Maybe I am let’s find out

This is fast.  What if he’s a serial killer?

ShyNSweet: Tell me about yourself

KnightinShiningArmor77: I’m a VP for a major company on the North Island.  I believe in staying active and lead a very active lifestyle kayaking hiking rugby cricket

Wow, he sounds like a winner.

Yeah I know rugby and cricket?  I enjoy both and play in local leagues i love kids and want to coach kids teams one day

He loves kids—even better.

My one vice is coffee I’m a bear until I get that first soy latte;^)

He loves coffee!

How about yourself?  Tell me why you’re shy and sweet

Oh God oh God oh God what do I say?

ShyNSweet: I enjoy a good coffee as well and spending time with friends at our favorite coffee house.  I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh and be outdoors and live life to the fullest.

Since when?

KnightinShiningArmor77: Sounds like my kinda lady  When can we meet so I can admire your beauty in person?

“Meet?” I say aloud.  And then my conscience (or is the wine?) attacks.

Conscience: Bella, what are you doing? Stop lying to this guy.  You aren’t being fair by making yourself  out to be someone you’re not

“But I never thought he’d want to actually meet me,” I protest.

Conscience: So tell me again why you just shelled out
$49 to get on this site to meet men?

The minutes tick by and I still hadn’t answered.  Maybe KnightinShiningArmor77 really is a valiant man who won’t mind my weight.  I can’t believe I’m in this quandary.  Lie and send him into shock when we meet, or take a risk and tell the truth?

I decide to tell the truth.  I’m not a liar.  I’m not like Tiresa and Mika.  I’m better than that.

ShyNSweet:  I’m available this weekend but I need to tell you I’ve put on a few pounds in the past few years I don’t have an athletic build

I hold my breath waiting for his reply.

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