Sneek Peak~~Chapter 2

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KnightinShiningArmor77: Looks aren’t everything.  I’ve broken my nose a few times playing rugby, so it’s slightly crooked I don’t mind a few extra pounds.  Its not like your morbidly obese lol?  How much do you weigh

“Moment of truth,” I sigh and type in my weight, which is significantly higher than the weight stated on my profile.

ShyNSweet: 136kg

And just as instantly as the chat window opened, the text went grey and a message appears:

KnightinShiningArmor77 is no longer online

I wait online a few minutes, but it is safe to assume KnightinShiningArmor77 isn’t experiencing a power outage at that exact moment.  Nope, he is gone for good.

I log off, shut down the laptop, and open a second bottle of wine.


“Shit,” exclaims Tiresa, chipping a nail on the kitchen cupboard as she slams it shut.

“I can tell that today went well,” Mika croons from his comfy vantage point on their modern leather sofa.  A smirk settles on his full, gorgeous lips. His intelligent dark eyes, which go perfectly with his tall, muscular frame, crease with amusement.

“Yeah.  No.  It went ok,” Tiresa exhales loudly.  “It’s just Isabella.”  Reiterating her frustration, she bangs her fist on the marble countertop.

“Oh,” he murmurs and turns a page of the latest edition of NZ Lawyer.  “What’s up now?”

Mika settles his arm on the back of the sofa and looks over his shoulder at Tiresa pouring herself a glass of wine.

“Mama Rose read me the Riot Act this morning about not inviting her to our engagement party—and the wedding.”  She winces at the thought.

Mika smirks again, typical of his devil-may-care attitude.  “That’s going to be awkward.  Sparks will fly.”  He whistles through his teeth, imitating a missile flying to its explosive destination.

“Exactly.  Is it too much to actually want to enjoy my wedding day?  The last thing I need is my fat, uptight half sister and your ex-wife,” she points out, “putting a damper on things.”

Mika shakes his head.  “Is she still squawking about us?”

Tiresa dismisses the thought with a wave of her hand.  “When I spoke to her this afternoon, she told me AGAIN that it was my fault that you and I got together and that I had deliberately set out to seduce you just to bring her down a peg and hurt her.”  She snorts.  “What’s up with that?  As if everything revolves around HER.”  Tiresa spoke faster, her pitch rising with each syllable.  “She thinks I was jealous of her.  Like I would ever be jealous of that nobody.  I told her you can’t help who you fall in love with.  And the way she lectures me about Mac—she has the nerve to tell me I should visit him, as if I don’t have better things to do.”

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