Online Dating

“Great personality.”  That’s code for “Fat.”  Either phrase tolls a death knell for anyone doing online dating.

Online dating: it’s a euphemism for, ‘opportunity to be someone you’re not in order to get someone you want’.  Problem is, if everyone is lying about themselves, how can anyone find Mr/Miss Right?

When you’re overweight, you want people to see the real you hidden under that layer of fat.  But let’s face it: people judge by appearances.  Everyone knows when someone doesn’t post their photo that they’ve got something to hide.  Or if they post a photo from their prom circa 1999, they means they can no longer fit into that gown or tuxedo.  But why do we do it?  Because we don’t want to be judged for what we are now.  So we lie by omission.

If I say, “I’m 5’6″, have dark brown curly hair, brown eyes, and a great personality,” everyone’s going to assume I’m fat.  So lying by omission doesn’t always work.  If I’m honest and say, “I weight 136kg,” no one will so much as wink at me except other overweight people, people who are just as unhappy with themselves, full of excuses, and—excuse the pun—weigh others down with their depression.

You may have a great personality, but your body keeps getting in the way of it, of your daily routine and your relationships.  Until you admit that and do something about it, you’ll always be known as the person with a “great personality.”

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