The Story

The Lighter Side of Large is a modern day comedy romance, and disguised self-help guide set in Nelson, New Zealand.  Isabella “Bella” White, a first generation Samoan New Zealander, is a talented artist with a flair for writing.  Problem is, no one knows it.  She hides from the world, men and her potential behind 60 kg of excess weight.  The weight, however, is not so easy to hide and Bella endures revulsion, ridicule and rudeness for being fat.  But when she discovers her ex-husband is marrying her sister in nine months, Bella embarks on a mission: lose the weight, get a career and find the perfect man in time for the wedding.

Along the way, Bella discovers losing weight does not make her life perfect.  A short cut to skinny through surgery almost ends her life, just as she begins to find it in the arms of Jae, the adventurous entrepreneur who’s got skinny issues.  Bella also has an online friend whose interest in her grows with every chat, as well as an ex-husband who still carries a spark for her.

The Lighter Side of Large is the first installment in a series of self-help guides and cartoon books which laugh at the misadventures of being overweight and the universal prejudice faced by the obese, while encouraging the anorexically-challenged to take back their lives, lose weight, and live without fear.

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  1. Just read the book and how wonderful. I’m a full figured woman. I had the lap bad surgery and I have lost over 450 lbs. I’m no size 12 but i’m a size 22 and I’m happy with that. I loved your book and I love the humor in it. Thanks for making me laugh

  2. I just finished your book and cannot wait to share it with some friends. You really nailed alot of issues there, girl! I am on Weight Watchers and have lost 65# so far. Loved that you wrote about these issues.

  3. Bella, Bella Bella!!! You are so on with these issues. I am one of those people who have through the years ride the rollercoaster of weight loss and weight gain. I have restarted, and did not even remember purchasing your book for my kindle ereader. I have started reading it, and cannot put it down. My question is, is this fiction or has all of this really happened to your (sister? – I’d seriously injure mine if she ran off with my husband). I’m half way through, can wait to find out the next adventure of Bella. I love your writing!!!

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