Too Fat To Bungy?

I had the most amazing day today…it started soon after I woke up with a call from an local adventure company offering me a free quad bike ride (a fringe benefit of working, part-time, in a local motel). I had the most fun imaginable speeding over bumps, up hair-curling inclines and through deep and muddy pot holes. As you can see!

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I was all wet and muddy by the end of it but was squealing and laughing all the way through, so much so, that it was unbelievably worth it!
During this I suddenly had an epiphany…moment of madness whatever you classify it and thought to myself…I could do a bungy jump; off this high bridge,
plummeting down to the river with nothing but an elastic rope tied around my ankles…You see, I have a friend visiting from Australia at present who had told everyone back home that she was coming to NZ to do just that…but it was at
moment I thought to myself… I could do it too!!! So I put the kiddies to bed and thought over it for awhile…
if I had of been still at my biggest there is NO WAY i would have ever gone through with this hair-brained, & terrifying idea but you know…the ‘fool’ that I am, I went and did it and here are the pictures to prove my insanity, madness, daredevil, liberation….whatever the fuck you want to call it:

The hardest part was standing off the edge of the bridge looking down at the swirling water way, way, way below and actually launching myself off the edge…plummeting head first into the deep unknown…would my elastic hold?

Am I doing the last thing I will ever do in my whole life…I mean…for goodness sake, my kids had by that time woken up and were watching me on the other side of the water…and you have to admit it is a seeming un-natural thing to do…Even now, I can’t believe that I was actually able to work through my fears and absolute

to actually jump! But, apart from acheing ankles where i suffered a little friction burn and baring my ‘Minimiser’ Bra enclosed boobs to everyone watching (hehehe.. my top flew off mid flight) I don’t regret it…I tell you…if I can do THAT then losing the last few kilos…will be a breeze…and I can do, ANYTHING!!!!

The funny thing about it is that when I inquired if there were any weight limitations for doing the bungy


(you know what its like, having to consider your weight first in every activity that you might like to do)…the girl behind the counter replied. ‘Oh…No!…the heavier the better, actually, it restricts the ‘bounce back’ when you reach the end of your rope’ hehehe…I never in my life…thought that I would hear someone say that my weight could actually be of assistance rather than a negative…


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