Sneek Peak~~Chapter 3

“So he fought for you but not for me.  I understand.  I’m not really his daughter, so it doesn’t matter.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing.  Samoans appreciate family more than the Scottish do,” she brushes she subject aside.

We were brought up in two different cultures.  Pa tried his best to instill the traditions and values of my dual ancestral cultures, both Polynesian and Scottish.  However, he knew more about the Scottish heritage than he did about our mother’s side.  I was brought up practically white and a proud Scot to boot—much to Mama Rose’s dismay.

So when we both showed up at orientation at university, we decided to become roommates and reconnect.  All the fun and affection we shared as girls came back in a flood.  We might as well have been Siamese twins, going everywhere and doing everything together.

“What do the Scottish do?” a voice asks.  We look up to see Mika, one of the most gorgeous guys on campus—gorgeous and popular and rich and drives a nice sports car.  And he is standing there talking to us!

Tiresa lights up and flashes him her biggest smile and bats her eyes.  “They wear kilts commando, for starters.”  She winks as she says it.  How she manages to be a sultry siren on cue is beyond my comprehension.  The frumpy artist is my forte.

“And you came by this knowledge how?” he asks, just as teasing as she is.

Tiresa tosses her long hair and laughs.  “I know a thing or two.”

Mika nods.  “Great, because I need the opinion of someone who knows a thing or two about speeches.  I’m running for Student Body President and I wrote a speech for the election rally next week, but I’m not convinced that it’s as persuasive as it can be.”

“Let’s hear it,” Tiresa flashes her winning smile again.

“Yeah, I was just helping Tiresa write her persuasive essay for English Comp, so we’re in the zone for persuasion” I added.

Mika, who hadn’t noticed me before brightens.  “Are you a tutor?”

I laughed.  “Oh, no we’re sisters.  I’m just helping her, that’s all.”

“Oh, okay.  Well here it goes.”  Mika pulls out the speech from a folder and reads it quietly.

Tiresa rests her chin on folded hands, watching him intently and smiling all the while.  He glances up from the paper, always at Tiresa.  When he finishes, she applauds softly.

“So, what do you think?” Mika asks, focused on Tiresa.

She nods eagerly.  “I think it’s fantastic.”

Mika grins.  “Thanks.”  Then he turns his eyes on me and waits for my opinion.

I squirm.  It’s not every day that Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome walks up to me and starts chatting and wants to know what I think about something.  Heck that sort of thing never happens in fairy tales.  “Well,” I drawl, unsure how to be diplomatic.  “It can use some work.”

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