Sneek Peak ~~ Chapter 5

Jae pulls into the alley way behind his new loft apartment and parks in the cramped covered yard.  “Bella,” he says to himself as he climbs the stairs to the loft and unlocks the loft door.  She said she was stay-at-home mom but didn’t wear a wedding ring.  It makes him wonder what charms the father saw in her.  Perhaps she wasn’t always so fat.  Surely she had been curvaceous.

His imagination begins to wander.  Amanda was as skinny as a model, bordering on anorexia.  Jae couldn’t abide the feel of bones.  Hugging Amanda was like hugging a skeleton hanging in a biology class.  But a full hip, a plump breast and shapely legs set him on fire.

Bella she said she’d call.  He hopes she will soon.

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