How to Extract Yourself from Embarrassing Moments…Pride Intact

I’m planning to write a book entitled How to Extract Yourself from Embarrassing Moments with Your Pride Intact.  Actually, the book is already half written.  It’s based on a lifetime of embarrassing moments.  Problem is, I haven’t figured out how to extract myself from these moments with my pride intact, so don’t look for it on bookshelves any time soon.

Embarrassing moments are bound to come.  They’re always unexpected; they catch you unawares; and they always take you down a notch.  The Good Book says, “Pride goeth before a fall.”  Maybe because pride precedes these moments is why you can never leave with it.  It’s already ahead of you, ready for the next encounter with embarrassment.

When you have several kilograms of extra fat to carry around, embarrassing moments abound.  There’s a lot you can accidentally bump with your wide load, like people off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic, or food items at the grocery store.  The slightest nudge can send a fruit pyramid collapsing into ruin.  Perhaps this explains the absence of ancient architecture in the world: ancient fat people bumped into buildings and made them fall.  Maybe this is the real reason Rome fell.

Because there is no escape from public blunders, you might as well accept responsibility for them.  People will laugh whether you see the humor in the situation or not, so you might as well laugh with them.  Your pride may be wounded, but you can still show grace in the face of humiliation.  Grace transforms humiliation into humility—and that’s always good to have intact.

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