Granny Panties and Regret

Fat comes with unwelcome side effects such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, back and knee pain, and gall stones.  But the weight of regret is an even greater burden to bear, and results in guilty feelings, annoyance, shame, sadness, and wishing—wishing you had made better choices in the past. 

Some of us have lived with regret for so long that it defines us.  It’s like underwear: we put it on everyday.  It’s unseen yet a basis to everything else we wear.  We simply can’t leave the house without wearing a pair of Regret brand tightey-whiteys.

But there comes a day when we have to leave the past behind us in order to grow and become better persons.  The past doesn’t have to define us.  It’s time to change our underwear.  Throw out the tightey-whiteys and put on a lacy, racy thong, silk boxers, boldly colored granny panties—or go commando.  It doesn’t matter, just as long as you change your underwear.

Once you make the change, you’ll notice how your outlook on life changes.  You aren’t just going through the motions.  Instead, life is as exciting as a pair of French cut bikini briefs.  You begin to anticipate life instead of avoiding it.

I know what you’re thinking: did I just read a comparison between underwear and regret and it makes perfect sense?  Yes, you did.  Yes, it does.

Now go change your underwear.

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