The Road From Here

Is there any feeling quite as thrilling as shopping for clothes and finding you have to go down a size?  It’s like winning a trophy in a competition, proof that your dieting is paying off.  It encourages us to work harder.  We aren’t at the beginning of the diet journey any longer.  We’re already down the road.

Because you have accomplished this much, other challenges don’t seem quite so challenging.  And the things you most feared don’t seem quite as scary.  In fact, you find yourself looking for challenges and tackling those things you formerly feared.  Funny how fat—and the lack of it–can change your perspective on life.

Not only does your perspective change, but you do, too.  You are no longer defined by fat.  You can walk farther without breaking out in a sweat.  You can climb more stairs without getting out of breath.  You can say no to sweets and treats because the feeling of being thinner is more satisfying that the taste than food.

Best of all is the change in your way of thinking.  You accept yourself and so do others.  The day is no longer fraught with the perils of navigating through a thin world.  Instead, you think about others, of the future, and how much you enjoy life instead of compensating for avoiding it.

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