Rewinding Life

Don’t you wish you had a rewind button?  How many times have we said, done or assumed something which was in error and it made a situation worse?  Imagine, having learned a lesson the hard way, you could instantly rewind the scenario and repeat it but achieve a more positive outcome? 

However, with the power to rewind life, we’d probably forget what it feels like to feel remorse because we would no longer give ourselves time to reflect and enact change over the things we’ve done wrong.

But life doesn’t come with a rewind button.  It does come with “Stop,” “Pause,” and “Play” buttons.  It is within our power to stop the negative, pause to consider our course of action, and play out a new direction or thought pattern.  By putting stop-pause-play into practice, we will achieve the same effects of a rewind button but with a healthy appreciation for what we did wrong the first time—so that we don’t do it again.

The same concept goes for weight loss.  We must stop saying, “I’ll start dieting tomorrow.”  We must pause to consider: do we want to die young from obesity-related causes, or do we want to introduce a new plot which plays out to a happier ending?  Make the right choice and hit “Play” for a fuller life, one with fewer regrets—and pounds.

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