Dying to Live

Lots of people have had near-death experiences.  Some claim their lives flashed before their eyes.  Others became focused on the things which truly mattered to them.  I had a near-death experience in the hospital and yes, I thought about my children and the man I care for at The End.  But it was what I thought about on the other side of the fatal moment which changed my life.

When you’ve seen The End, you suddenly realize what life is really all about: work hard at something you enjoy doing, play hard, and be with your family.  I almost died from blood clots due to lap band surgery—a strictly voluntary procedure which I underwent so I could look good.  I was already losing weight through diet and exercise and was doing well at it and feeling good about myself, but in a moment of impatience and wanting to be more acceptable to others, I chose a procedure more quickly “better” my life and it almost cost me my life.

Life is more important than losing weight and looking good to others.  When you really understand what’s important, then the things which aren’t important which used to consume you fade into oblivion.  When you let go and move on, you discover something amazing: there is so much more to life than what you previously thought.  There is so much more life to live, love to give, and goals to accomplish.

So was it worth having lap band surgery—and a brush with death—in order to get skinnier?  Absolutely not.  Was it worth the lessons I learned?  Absolutely.

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