When the bell tolls

Why does it take a tragedy or sudden shock to wake us up from complacency and make us realize what is really important?  Some of us go through life thinking everything’s okay and fate will work out all the kinks.  Others live in denial or are just trying to survive or allow themselves to be controlled by anger or resentment or mistakes. 

And then wham!  Something really awful happens which forces you to sit back and take stock of what you have, what you don’t have, and what you could have—if you will change your course.  That slap in the face hurts, but pain is a great reminder—and a great motivator.

Sometimes a heart attack or other severe medical issue related to obesity is the wake-up call that something has got to change.  And that something is you.  You have got to change your thoughts and actions to arrive at a healthier existence.

At other times it has nothing to do with obesity though it still has everything to do with your point of view and quality of life.  What you’re settling for.  What you’re waiting for.  You allow life to control you, instead of you controlling it.

So don’t wait.  Change your way of thinking now.  Then your course will change and you’ll be sailing away from complacency on into a new world called living.

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