How to attract a man!

What do men look for in a woman?  It doesn’t matter if she’s one hundred pounds overweight or drop-dead gorgeous, sometimes women find their dating life to be non-existent.  Like myself, you’ve probably read articles about how to attract a man and what puts men off, but what is off-putting is when you do all the things which are recommended to attract a guy and avoiding the things which repel them, but still find yourself alone on a Friday night.

There are four basic ideals which men look for in women.  Those are:

  1. Men like a confident woman.  She can be quietly confident or an energetic extrovert, just as long as she shows confidence in herself.
  2. Men appreciate a woman who takes care of herself (hair, teeth, nails, weight).  If a woman isn’t going to bother about her looks, it speaks volumes about her care of other areas of her life.
  3. Men like a woman who is nice.  She doesn’t have to be sickeningly sweet, just a considerate person.  How she treats others indicates how she’ll treat her significant other.
  4. Men like honest women.  A woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and not play games or shape-shift to conform to what she thinks a guy wants, or kowtow to his likes and dislikes just to keep him, is a keeper. It also shows she is trustworthy.

Confidence, care, kindness, honesty: with these attributes, it’s only a matter of time before you find a guy who is the same.  And even if you’re a little on the heavy side, he won’t mind when you jump on a waterbed and cause a tsunami, because what’s on the inside will count more than what’s on the outside.

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