Just As I Am Challenge

What don’t you like about yourself?  Most women don’t like their weight or their figure shape.  Or bust size, hip size, nose shape, big ears wrinkles, jowls, lips, muffin-tops, ankles: the list goes on and on. 

Luckily, this is the era of plastic surgery.  If you can afford it, you can have it surgically altered.  Those years of being teased at school and its subsequent psychological damage can be cut away with the surgeon’s scalpel.

But how much is too much plastic surgery?  We’ve all seen celebrities who get multiple surgeries until they look like plastic dolls.  They look disfigured, a reflection of their corrupted self-image.

If you are considering plastic surgery, ask yourself these questions: what do I like about myself?  Is the thing I want to change really something I can live with?  Be content with?

Don’t wait until after plastic surgery to start loving yourself as you are.  Loving yourself is an everyday choice.  Take the Just As I Am challenge. Find 5 things about yourself that you like, even if it just the shape of your left pinky toe.  When you stop focusing on the attributes you dislike and concentrate on those things you do like, you’ll be one step closer to loving yourself just as you are.

I encourage you to visit my  Just as I am Photo Montage and post those five things about yourself which you love, along with a photo of yourself. Challenge your friends to do the same.  Over time I hope to see a huge montage of all the photos received from people all around the world.  We’ll see how many people are learning to love themselves Just As I Am.

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