I want to give a shout out to a few persons who embody theoretically and physically what I talk about so much on this blog concerning image.

The first round of applause goes to Roamans, an American plus size catalog for women. Usually they use regular models but what a surprise to see some plus size figures modeling bathing suits! Granted, they were more than likely a New Zealand size 10-14 (American 8-12) which is technically not plus size, but wow! I don’t know of any man who wouldn’t want to get his hands on those booties. Thank you, Roamans, for not fearing to show the world what a real woman looks like at the beach. http://www.roamans.com/Search/SearchResults.aspx?SearchHeader=swim%20suit

The second pat on the back goes to Cassandra Bankston, a 19-year-old whose severe acne caused her to be bullied. She dreaded leaving her house so much that she took on extra schoolwork so she could graduate from high school in only two years. It also led her to upload videos on YouTube on how to cover up the acne with makeup, something she studied long and hard about. Now Cassandra is in college earning her degree in dermatology so she can help others even more—and did I mention she’s a model? She walked the catwalk during New York Fashion Week. And yet she says, “Models shouldn’t be modeling perfection because there is no such thing. We should be modeling our imperfections.”


And some people do, like Lizzie Velasquez, who was dubbed “The World’s Ugliest Woman.” Lizzie has no adipose tissue, which means she can’t create muscle, store energy or gain weight, so she literally looks like skin and bones. But that doesn’t stop this motivational speaker and author from encouraging others to embrace their uniqueness, overcome obstacles and deal with bullies. “I feel really glad that I don’t look like the celebrities out there that are so beautiful. There’s a lot of stereotypes attached to that.” Lizzie believes that not looking like a supermodel “gives people the opportunity to know you personally. If they’re willing to take that extra step they’ll get to know the person you really are.”


Isn’t that what it’s all about? Being real and accepting others for who they are? So here’s to real women everywhere. Let’s stop focusing on what we aren’t and what we don’t have and start celebrating our lives and what we have to offer the world. That’s true beauty.

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