Aging Gracefully

So someone forwards me an email with “Then & Now” photos of famous film and television stars. I think whoever created the email wanted to shock readers in how much these stars have changed from being in their prime to being, well, older. But instead of prompting me to think, “Look how old they look!” I thought, “Look how great they look!” Continue reading “Aging Gracefully”

Grow some Balls!

Today, I’d like to discuss something we all need, and that’s balls. That’s right, balls. I’m not talking about footballs or bowling balls or tennis balls. I’m talking about testicles. Cojones. The Brass. Now you’re probably asking, “WHY, oh WHY, Bella, are you bringing up this topic?” Continue reading “Grow some Balls!”

The New Woman

So plenty of us have had to deal with the “the other woman” – you know, the person with whom our ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends cheated on us. As if finding out you’ve been cheated on isn’t heartbreaking enough, actually seeing this person makes the misery even worse. You compare your looks and personality with hers, angrily asking, “What does he see in her?” and “What does she have that I don’t?” then later shed tears that somehow you failed, didn’t measure up to the task of keeping his interest. Never mind the fact that he’s a cad with no sense of fidelity; you think that somehow you are to blame for his wandering. Continue reading “The New Woman”

Giving Thanks

A lot of my readers are in the U.S. and are celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday this week, so I want to focus this post on being thankful. It’s easy to focus on our problems and what we don’t have, which causes us to miss the blessings we do have. When we do recognize those blessings, it causes us to see life in a whole new light. Continue reading “Giving Thanks”

You Are What You Think

You are what you think. It’s another phrase we’ve heard repeated but one we don’t take to heart or put into practice. There are tons of self-help and spiritual books on the market which convey the same message, but I think most of us just don’t take time out of our busy lives to stop, sit, and think about what we think about. Continue reading “You Are What You Think”