Too Fat To Bungy?

I had the most amazing day today…it started soon after I woke up with a call from an local adventure company offering me a free quad bike ride (a fringe benefit of working, part-time, in a local motel). I had the most fun imaginable speeding over bumps, up hair-curling inclines and through deep and muddy pot holes. As you can see!

06.06.07 10.00am 00806.06.07 10.00am 023

I was all wet and muddy by the end of it but was squealing and laughing all the way through, so much so, that it was unbelievably worth it!
During this I suddenly had an epiphany…moment of madness whatever you classify it and thought to myself…I could do a bungy jump; off this high bridge, Continue reading “Too Fat To Bungy?”